Date Name State Prize
3/7/2021 Breanna M. WA $5
3/6/2021 Lois H. MN $5
3/6/2021 Martha A. NC $5
3/6/2021 Bibiana S. CA $5
3/6/2021 Michel B. NH $5
3/6/2021 Steve B. N/A $5
3/6/2021 Dona G. HI $50
3/5/2021 Dennis W. FL $5
3/5/2021 Victoria S. CA $5
3/5/2021 Peter K. TX $5
3/5/2021 Michael G. AZ $50
3/4/2021 Denise C. NC $5
3/4/2021 Gary B. N/A $10
3/4/2021 Cary K. UT $50
3/3/2021 David W. PA $5
3/3/2021 Valarie G. PA $50
3/3/2021 Louis B. WA $5
3/3/2021 Clavelina J. IL $50
3/2/2021 Cindy W. IA $5
3/2/2021 Andrew M. SC $5
3/2/2021 Lloyd A. TX $5
3/2/2021 Richard F. OH $50
3/1/2021 Paul W. PA $5
3/1/2021 Alisa K. NY $5
3/1/2021 Jerry P. KY $50

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